Information Fall-Out Buckminster Fuller's World Game
ISBN: PB: 9783037785539, Lars Muller Publishers, December 2025
240 pp., 24,0x16,5 cm, 150 illus.
Initially proposed for the US Pavilion at Expo 67 in Montreal, Buckminster Fuller's World Game was played for the first time in 1969 in New York. Over the next decade the World Game evolved and expanded. Across its different manifestations the World...
30.00 GBP
Sandpiper The Journals of Elizabeth Bishop
ISBN: PB: 9781800173514, Carcanet, November 2025
280 pp., 21,6x13,5 cm
This is a fascinating window giving on the private thoughts of one of the great American writers of the twentieth century. It follows on Carcanet's publication of "Edgar Allan Poe and the Juke-Box: Uncollected Poems, Drafts and Fragments", edited by...
25.00 GBP
Masterpieces of Islamic Art from the Farjam Collection
ISBN: HB: 9780300273519, Yale University Press, July 2025
648 pp., 30,0x22,7 cm, 500 colour illus.
Celebrating a major collection of Islamic art, this volume spans the entire history of Islam to bring together items produced throughout the vast region between Andalusia and Mughal India. The Farjam Collection of Islamic, and Modern and Contempora...
195.00 GBP
Architecture of Loneliness Reflections on Displacement and Welcoming
ISBN: PB: 9789493246355, Idea Books, May 2025
240 pp., 17,0x24,0 cm, black&white illus., language: English
Whereas solitude is a chosen condition that refrains from social relations, loneliness suffers from the lack of these. Edited by Mieke Bal, this book presents three essays exploring a side of loneliness strongly connected to an encounter with the oth...
25.00 EUR
Lonneke van der Palen Lemons Gazing at Mount Etna
ISBN: PB: 9789083227443, Idea Books, May 2025
280 pp., 28,0x39,0 cm, colour illus., language: English
"Lemons Gazing at Mount Etna" is an unbound publication in which images unfold into a portable and modular exhibition. Encompassing an eclectic selection of Lonneke van der Palen's evergrowing visual archive, it deals with the notion of material cult...
40.00 EUR
Mafalda Rakos All in this Together: Four Dialogical Portraits
ISBN: PB: 9789493363007, Idea Books, May 2025
128 pp., 17,0x23,0 cm, colour illus., language: English
What are the psychological effects of a pandemic and how do we look back on these times of social isolation? Has it changed how we relate to others and the world around us? Mafalda Rakoš (AT) questions the impossibility of captivating someone else's...
28.00 EUR
Carla Accardi
ISBN: HB: 9788822922212, Idea Books, May 2025
712 pp., 17,0x24,0 cm, colour and black&white illus., language: English
This volume appears on the occasion of the centenary of the birth of Italian abstract painter Carla Accardi (1924-2014), a key member of the Italian avant-garde whose artwork influenced the Arte Povera movement in the late 1960s. The monograph consis...
49.75 EUR
Caspar Berger Likeness
ISBN: HB: 9789462088559, Idea Books, May 2025
256 pp., 23,0x30,0 cm, colour and black&white illus., language: English
The work of Dutch visual artist Caspar Berger (b. 1965) idiosyncratically combines art historical aesthetics, traditional craftsmanship and advanced technology. Much of his visual language stems from the Italian Renaissance, inspired by Michelangelo...
39.95 EUR
Dispossessed Personal Stories of Dispossession and Restitution
ISBN: PB: 9789462088580, Idea Books, May 2025
288 pp., 15,0x21,0 cm, colour and black&white illus., language: English
The Jewish Cultural Quarter and the Rijksmuseum are organizing the exhibition Dispossessed, a major museum project on cultural property that was stolen by the Nazis from Jewish owners in the Netherlands, with a special focus on art, Jewish books and...
27.50 EUR
Elias Holzknecht Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf
ISBN: PB: 9789493363014, Idea Books, May 2025
192 pp., 20,0x28,0 cm, colour illus., language: German/English
While exploring the society he grew up in, Elias Holzknecht (AT) ended up in the village of Micheldorf by chance. He became increasingly aware that no form of representation could do justice to the complexity of a social space. Even the name of the v...
35.00 EUR