Future Perfect / Present Tense Migrant Workers, Expats, and Sponsors in Abu Dhabi
ISBN: HB: 9781849048224, Hurst Publishers, January 2025
256 pp., 21,6x13,8 cm
For sale in CIS only! "Future Perfect/Present Tense" examines the relations between migrants and the Emirati individuals and institutions that sponsor them. Divided by culture, language, and status, the two groups harbour opposing visions of a perfe...
Emirati Women Generations of Change
ISBN: PB: 9781849046633, Hurst Publishers, May 2016
208 pp., 21,6x13,8 cm
For sale in CIS only! The discovery of oil in the late 1960s catapulted the people of Abu Dhabi out of the isolating poverty into which it had plunged in the 1930s and onto the global stage. Massive construction projects built the city and infrastru...