ISBN: HB: 9780300276275

Yale University Press, Mercatorfonds

November 2024

304 pp.

29,2x23,8 cm

274 colour illus.



Nordic Art and Way of Life

Art World, Artists and Themes

An exploration of the development of the art scene, its socio-political context, and the role of the fine arts in nineteenth-century Nordic society.

This book captures for the first time the full story of Nordic art and its corresponding way of life from 1820 to 1920. Amply illustrated, this publication discusses a wide range of artists, regardless of gender, and how they related to the European art scene. The authors convey the essence of Nordic art by providing insight into the history of public and private collections, art education, artists' communities, the role of children's books illustrations, and the identity of emerging national states in Finland, Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. A selection of themes are reviewed, including living with nature, everyday life, artists' portraits, family life, cityscapes, and Nordic mythology.

The publication is edited by two experienced museum professionals from Finland and Sweden, who have published widely on the subject and curated numerous international exhibitions. Contributors include leading experts from all Nordic countries, as well as the UK.

About the author

Susanna Pettersson and Anna-Maria von Bonsdorff are long-term academics and museum professionals in Sweden and Finland. The contributors are leading experts from all the Nordic countries, UK, and France.