Daim Zainuddin Malaysia's Revolutionary and Troubleshooter
ISBN: PB: 9786167339955, Prestel Publishing, River Books, September 2018
244 pp., 23x15.9 cm
Daim Zainuddin is one of Asia's cleverest politicians and policy makers, as well as one of its most controversial. Twice, rescuing the Malaysian economy from near collapse, he has also been instrumental in restructuring the Malaysian economy – in par...
Ancient Sites of Southeast Asia A Traveler's Guide Throught History, Ruins and Landscapes
ISBN: PB: 9786167339917, Prestel Publishing, River Books, May 2018
312 pp., 23.3x17.3 cm, illustrations throughout
Designed to assist the adventurous visitor to the region, the book is also an armchair traveler's introduction to many of the most historic and visually engaging monuments across seven nations: Indonesia,Vietnam, Cambodia,Thailand, Laos, Myanmar (Bur...
Dangerous Recipe
ISBN: PB: 9786167339825, Prestel Publishing, River Books, April 2018
312 pp., 20.5x14.5 cm, illustrations throughout
Celebrity chef Corran Brook scours the globe for the world's best recipes and foods, for his ambitious compendium, "The Story of Food". But when travelling through Asia and chancing on a rare and extraordinary meal he cannot decipher, his struggle to...
Catching the Light A Journey Across Myanmar
ISBN: PB: 9786167339832, Prestel Publishing, River Books, September 2017
200 pp., 25.5x23.7 cm, black&white photos
Much has changed in Burma since Birgit Neiser first visited in 1981.The country is now known as Myanmar, and military rule – which lasted nearly half a century – has given way to a tentative democratic process. Returning in 2010, at the cusp of this...
Fit for a Queen Her Majesty Queen Sirikit's Creations by Balmain
ISBN: HB: 9786167339634, Prestel Publishing, River Books, November 2016
232 pp., 30.9x23.7 cm, colour photos
In 1960, Their Majesties King Bhumibol Adulyadej and Queen Sirikit of Thailand embarked on a historic, six-month-long state visit to 15 Western nations. Her Majesty, the first queen of Thailand to visit the West since the 1930s, anticipated that her...
In the Shadow of Rama Murals of the Ramayana in Mainland Southeast Asia
ISBN: HB: 9786167339306, Prestel Publishing, River Books, November 2015
256 pp., 31.3x24.4 cm
"In the Shadow of Rama" examines the most beautiful paintings of the famous Ramayana murals, from Southeast Asi. This magnificent book is the culmination of 20 years of research and provides a visual feast for all those fascinated by the art of South...
China Through the Lens of John Thomson, 1868-1972
ISBN: HB: 9786167339658, Prestel Publishing, River Books, November 2015
168 pp., 29.1x28.6 cm, black&white photos
With over 150 photographs from late 19th century China, including stunning landscapes, architecture and city scenes, intimate portraits of Manchu brides in full wedding costumes and Mandarin officialsin government attire.
Banteay Chhmar Garrison Temple of the Khmer Empire
ISBN: PB: 9786167339207, Prestel Publishing, River Books, March 2015
192 pp., 23.6x17.2 cm, illustrations throughout
Banteay Chhmar is the second monument of ancient Cambodia's greatest king, Jayavarman VII. This temple, built in the late 12th-Century by one of Cambodia's most original stone carving and architectural workshops, lay in ruins for almost a thousand ye...
Burma's Spring Real Lives in Turbulent Times
ISBN: PB: 9786167339559, Prestel Publishing, River Books, March 2015
200 pp., 20.8x14.4 cm
Burma's Spring documents the struggles of ordinary people made extraordinary by circumstance. Rosalind Russell, a British journalist who came to live in Burma with her family, witnessed a time of unprecedented change in a secretive country that had b...
Ancient Luang Prabang and Laos
ISBN: PB: 9786167339450, Prestel Publishing, River Books, October 2014
252 pp., 24.4x17 cm, illustrations throughout
The first edition of Ancient Luang Prabang was published in 2006, and a critically acclaimed revised edition appeared in 2008. This current edition is a substantially revised and updated work, with new sections added as well as additional photographs...