Catching the Light A Journey Across Myanmar
ISBN: PB: 9786167339832, Prestel Publishing, River Books, September 2017
200 pp., 25.5x23.7 cm, black&white photos
Much has changed in Burma since Birgit Neiser first visited in 1981.The country is now known as Myanmar, and military rule – which lasted nearly half a century – has given way to a tentative democratic process. Returning in 2010, at the cusp of this...
China Through the Lens of John Thomson, 1868-1972
ISBN: HB: 9786167339658, Prestel Publishing, River Books, November 2015
168 pp., 29.1x28.6 cm, black&white photos
With over 150 photographs from late 19th century China, including stunning landscapes, architecture and city scenes, intimate portraits of Manchu brides in full wedding costumes and Mandarin officialsin government attire.
Buddhist Art An Historical and Cultural Journey
ISBN: HB: 9789749863879, Prestel Publishing, River Books, October 2009
400 pp., 32.2x25.1 cm, colour photos
Buddhism and its art is the one truly unifying factor of the entire Asian continent and has become a fundamental part of our shared world heritage. To draw a unique portrait of this art in a single work is a formidable undertaking due to the great pl...