Concrete Lines The Model as a Way to See
ISBN: PB: 9788862422284, Prestel Publishing, Lettera Ventidue, September 2017
72 pp., 22x22 cm, colour illus., language: English / Italian
The Architect Kuno Mayr has developed a way of working on reality in which the rigorousness of his process manifests itself first in the model. Through a long and laborious procedure, overlooked things are saved from abandonment and neglect so as to...
Grande Atlantico Cargo Ship Stories
ISBN: HB: 9788862420167, Prestel Publishing, Lettera Ventidue, January 2010
96 pp., 24x16 cm, colour photos
The smell of naphtha fuel in the air, nostalgia clenched to the banister – the ship Grande Atlantico smokes under immense skies, which clear up and cloud over as she voyages from Buenos Aires to Hamburg, stops at Paranagua, Santos and Rio. Crossing t...