Martine Syms: Neural Swamp The Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media
ISBN: PB: 9780876332979, Yale University Press, March 2022
80 pp., 22.9x17.8 cm, 50 colour illus.
Produced for the Future Fields Commission in Time-Based Media by the multidisciplinary artist Martine Syms (b. 1988), Neural Swamp is an immersive video installation that builds upon Syms's interest in the proliferation, circulation, and consumption...
Sean Scully The Shape of Ideas
ISBN: HB: 9780876332955, Yale University Press, May 2020
256 pp., 30.4x25.4 cm, 195 colour and black&white illus.
In a sustained exploration of the possibilities of abstraction, Sean Scully (b. 1945) has created a rich body of work throughout his 50-year career. "Sean Scully: The Shape of Ideas" sets his entire output within a detailed biographical framework, cl...