Underworld Imagining the Afterlife in Ancient South Italian Vase Painting
ISBN: HB: 9781606067345, Getty Publications, January 2022
240 pp., 26.7x21.6 cm, illus.
What happens to us when we die? What might the afterlife look like? For the ancient Greeks, the dead lived on, overseen by Hades in the Underworld. We read of famous sinners, such as Sisyphus, forever rolling his rock, and the fierce guard dog Kerber...
Museum Lighting A Guide for Conservators and Curators
ISBN: PB: 9781606066379, Getty Publications, February 2020
328 pp., 25x15 cm, illus.
Author David Saunders, former keeper of conservation and scientific research at the British Museum, explores how to balance the conflicting goals of visibility and preservation under a variety of conditions. Beginning with the science of how light, c...