Purity is a Myth The Materiality of Concrete Art from Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay
ISBN: PB: 9781606067239, Getty Publications, August 2021
304 pp., 25x15 cm, illus.
Presenting new scholarship, this publication is the first comprehensive technical study of the Concrete art movement in Latin America. "Purity Is a Myth" presents new scholarship on Concrete art in Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay from the 1940s to the...
Making Art Concrete Works from Argentina and Brazil in the Coleccion Patricia Phelps Cisneros
ISBN: HB: 9781606065297, Getty Publications, August 2017
192 pp., 25x15 cm, illus.
In the years after World War II, artists in Argentinaand Brazil experimented with geometric abstractionand engaged in lively debates about the role of theartwork in society. Some of these artists used novelsynthetic materials, creating objects that o...