Wonders of the Plant Kingdom A Microcosm Revealed
ISBN: PB: 9781906506476, GMC Group, Papadakis, September 2014
156 pp., 31x25.2 cm, colour illus.
A ground-breaking collaboration between an artist and two botanists, this book tells the story of how flowers disseminate their pollen and how the pollinated flower turns into a fruit beginning a whole new chapter in a plant's life. It is the success...
Pollen The Hidden Sexuality of Flowers (Compact Edition)
ISBN: HB: 9781906506513, GMC Group, Papadakis, May 2014
264 pp., 24.1x15.9 cm, colour illus.
The extraordinary beauty and structure of pollen grains invisible to the naked eye. This book is the result of the shared fascination of an artist and a scientist with the perfect design of organisms too small to be seen without a microscope. Pollen...