Modern Times British Prints, 1913-1939
ISBN: HB: 9781588397393, Yale University Press, Metropolitan Museum of Art, September 2021
200 pp., 25.4x22.9 cm, 140 colour illus.
Throughout the tumultuous decades of the early twentieth century, the graphic arts flourished in Great Britain as artists sought to portray everyday life during the machine age. This richly illustrated volume reintroduces rare print works from the co...
Picturesque and Sublime Thomas Cole's Trans-Atlantic Inheritance
ISBN: PB: 9780300233537, Yale University Press, March 2018
192 pp., 27.9x22.9 cm, 120 colour illus.
Landscape art in the early 19th century was guided by two rival concepts: the picturesque, which emphasized touristic pleasures and visual delight, and the sublime, an aesthetic category rooted in notions of fear and danger. British artists including...
Turner's Modern and Ancient Ports Passages Through Time
ISBN: HB: 9780300223149, Yale University Press, February 2017
176 pp., 27.9x24.1 cm, 120 colour illus.
An engaging look at one of the central motifs in the work of the great 19th-century painter. Widely considered Britain's greatest painter, Joseph Mallord William Turner (1775-1851) is best known for his light-filled landscapes and seascapes. A relen...