Balthazar A Black African King in Medieval and Renaissance Art
ISBN: PB: 9781606067857, Getty Publications, January 2023
160 pp., 26.7x21.6 cm, 121 colour illus.
This abundantly illustrated book examines the figure of Balthazar, one of the biblical magi, and explains how and why he came to be depicted as a Black African king. According to the Gospel of Matthew, magi from the East, following a star, traveled t...
St. Albans Psalter Painting and Prayer in Medieval England
ISBN: PB: 9781606061459, Getty Publications, September 2013
104 pp., 27.6x19.8 cm, 94 colour illus., 2 black&white illus.
This is a fascinating look at one of the world's most important and renowned 12th-century manuscripts. "The St. Albans Psalter" is one of the most important, famous, and puzzling books produced in 12th-century England. It was probably created between...