Inside the Machine An Engineer's Tale of the Modern Automotive Industry
ISBN: PB: 9781787117686, Bookport, Veloce Publishing, June 2022
192 pp., 21x14.8 cm, 29 colour illus.
Ever wondered what it takes to bring a successful modern car to market? This book gives a rare glimpse inside the automotive industry, through the development stories of three very different but highly significant vehicles - the Nissan Qashqai, the R...
Land Rover Design 70 Years of Success
ISBN: HB: 9781845849870, Bookport, Veloce Publishing, September 2018
240 pp., 25x25 cm, 363 colour illus.
A landmark new history from design journalist Nick Hull, Land Rover Design – 70 years of Success offers a detailed insight to the company's design story, from the early days of Land Rover in Solihull to the latest generation of the Range Rover Velar...
How to Draw & Paint Cars
ISBN: PB: 9781787112568, Bookport, Veloce Publishing, December 2017
128 pp., 25x20.7 cm, illus.
How to draw and paint cars of all types and ages. The author distils many years of artistic and automotive experience into a book to help and encourage those keen to draw and paint cars themselves, for pleasure or as a career. With around 135 illustr...