Masao Yamamoto Small Things in Silence
ISBN: HB: 9788417975012, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, December 2020
132 pp., 30x24 cm, colour illus.
Japanese photographer Masao Yamamoto trained as an oil painter before discovering that photography was the ideal medium for the theme that most interested him – the ability of the image to evoke memories. "Small Things in Silence" surveys the 20-yea...
ISBN: HB: 9788417975593, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, December 2020
136 pp., 28.5x21 cm, colour illus.
In "The Merge", the Danish photographers collective Sara Galbiati (1981), Peter Helles Eriksen (1984) and Tobias Selnaes Markussen (1982) explores developments in artificial intelligence and robotics, and visually interprets the possibility that we a...
Miguel Rio Branco Oeuvres photographiques / Photographic Works 1968-1992
ISBN: HB: 9788417975432, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, December 2020
120 pp., 26x19 cm, colour illus.
The photographs of Miguel Rio Branco, as Jean-Pierre Criqui has noted in the text accompanying the hundred or so images that make up the publication, offer us a vast catalog of texture and matter, assembled with a sensitive eye in tune with the esthe...
ISBN: HB: 9788417047924, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, November 2019
176 pp., 28.4x21.8 cm, 151 colour and black&white illus.
Universos is an exploration of the photographer's visual universe, constructed around the resonances generated by phenomena and expressed through a dialogue of images. The book traces the development of the creative processes through which Jimenez ha...
Jan Hendrix Landfall
ISBN: PB: 9788417047948, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, November 2019
288 pp., 22x16 cm, 250 colour and black&white illus.
Since Dutch artist Jan Hendrix (born 1949) moved to Mexico in 1975, he has been a key figure in that country's art scene, building a bridge between Mexican and Dutch traditions of thinking about nature. This first retrospective covers Hendrix's two-...
Teatro Ojo At Night, Lightning
ISBN: PB: 9788417047542, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, November 2019
256 pp., 21.8x15.7 cm, 337 colour and black&white illus.
In 2002, as part of Draft – an initiative for exploring the critical possibilities of contemporary art – the experimental theatre group Teatro Ojo was founded. The group produced a symposium and short ads for public television and Youtube, aiming to...
Sol Negro / Black Sun Women in Photography
ISBN: HB: 9788417975111, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, October 2019
160 pp., 30x22.5 cm, 102 black&white photos
"Sol negro / Black sun" is the catalogue of a major exhibition at Centro de la Imagen in Mexico City. The book shows the photographs of 12 Latin American women in its mid career. The discourse of the book is woven from the dark side of life, the si...
Jose Guerrero Trabajos / Works 02-20
ISBN: HB: 9788417975104, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, October 2019
320 pp., 26x21 cm, 160 photos
This monographic volume offers a selection of Jose Guerrero's finest series in chronological order, from the beginning of his career in 2002 to the year 2020: Thames, La Mancha, Sierra Nevada, New York – Night Lights, Carrara, and others. His work d...
ISBN: BOX: 9788417047337, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, October 2018
110 pp., 30x19 cm
In "Exposure", Japanese photojournalist Kazuma Obara (born 1985) investigates the effects of the explosion at Chernobyl. Images were created using abandoned negatives Obara collected throughout his travel in the Ukraine. The project includes two phot...
Remembering the Future
ISBN: HB: 9788417047511, Prestel Publishing, Editorial RM, October 2018
64 pp., 31.5x22 cm, colour illus.
Both born in 1969 and living in Barcelona, Anna Cabrera and Angel Albarrán have been working together for more than twenty years and form a rising duo on the photographic scene. Together, they develop a photographic universe, poetic and sensible whe...