ISBN: PB: 9789493363014

Idea Books

May 2025

192 pp.

20,0x28,0 cm

colour illus., language: German/English

35.00 EUR


Elias Holzknecht

Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf

While exploring the society he grew up in, Elias Holzknecht (AT) ended up in the village of Micheldorf by chance. He became increasingly aware that no form of representation could do justice to the complexity of a social space. Even the name of the village was ambiguous, as three other Micheldorfs exist in the same country. The story therefore concentrates on all four eponymous localities. Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf Micheldorf gives the impression of a linear narrative. However, there are several versions of the same book. Each version contains the same images and fragments of dialogue, but in a different order, highlighting the complexity of a story that at first glance seems clearly comprehensible.