ISBN: PB: 9789493363007

Idea Books

May 2025

128 pp.

17,0x23,0 cm

colour illus., language: English

28.00 EUR


Mafalda Rakos

All in this Together: Four Dialogical Portraits

What are the psychological effects of a pandemic and how do we look back on these times of social isolation? Has it changed how we relate to others and the world around us? Mafalda Rakoš (AT) questions the impossibility of captivating someone else's inner world through photography. But also how portraying others relates to discourses around representation, especially in anthropological research. Together with four protagonists, the artist questioned how social isolation affected their mental health and their non-substance addictions. Through sessions involving conversations, drawings, and portraits, Rakoš tried to render something invisible – a sense of loneliness, confusion, or even harmony and calm – visible on camera. As the meetings unfolded, their dialogical character took center stage.