ISBN: PB: 9789493246355

Idea Books

May 2025

240 pp.

17,0x24,0 cm

black&white illus., language: English

25.00 EUR


Architecture of Loneliness

Reflections on Displacement and Welcoming

Whereas solitude is a chosen condition that refrains from social relations, loneliness suffers from the lack of these. Edited by Mieke Bal, this book presents three essays exploring a side of loneliness strongly connected to an encounter with the other. South African psychologist Wahbie Long looks at what kind of relationships to the outside world emerge from childhood experiences of playing and relating to others. French philosopher Marie-Jose Mondzain uses the metaphor of architecture and the elements that construct "home". And French psychoanalyst Lysiane Lamantowicz discusses a form of loneliness that is pervasive today: the consequences of social networks.