ISBN: PB: 9789493246331

Idea Books

May 2025

480 pp.

17,0x24,0 cm

colour illus., language: English

39.50 EUR


Gert Dumbar

Maverick Gentleman of Dutch Design

Born in 1940, Gert Dumbar is one of the most influential and colourful graphic designers in the post-war design field, both in the Netherlands and abroad. He produced a vast amount of work for an enormously varied clientele, from avant-garde theatres to the government, and from hospitals to multinationals. For the first time, his legacy is portrayed and interpreted in this book by Max Bruinsma and Leonie ten Duis, who consider his versatile oeuvre in its time and context and examine the various roles Dumbar played: artist, cultural initiator and mediator, provocateur and director, student and teacher. The book also contains a treasure trove of sketches from his studio's archive.