ISBN: PB: 9789083357195

Idea Books

May 2025

50 pp.

14,0x16,0 cm

black&white illus., language: English

25.00 EUR


Thomas Locke Hobbs


Motorcycles are the mode of choice to get around in Medellin, Colombia. In the working-class districts that climb the steep slopes of the Valle de Aburra, residents have self-built elaborate neighborhoods outside of formal urban planning. While humans can walk up steps, wheeled vehicles require ramps. From the basic need to wheel your bike inside at night, a vast assortment of small ramps has emerged. These ramps possess a sculptural and expressive quality, and constitute a kind of folk brutalism. Rampitas is a small study of and appreciation for these forms that tell so much about the conditions – social, economic, and topographical – that defined the struggles and lives of the people who built them.