ISBN: PB: 9789083227443

Idea Books

May 2025

280 pp.

28,0x39,0 cm

colour illus., language: English

40.00 EUR


Lonneke van der Palen

Lemons Gazing at Mount Etna

"Lemons Gazing at Mount Etna" is an unbound publication in which images unfold into a portable and modular exhibition. Encompassing an eclectic selection of Lonneke van der Palen's evergrowing visual archive, it deals with the notion of material culture and its retained and unexpected beauty. Mundane scenes, modern artefacts, trash, treasures, and their intricate relationships with economic, cultural, and historical contexts compose her large collection of photographs. For a complete view, the images must be taken out of the publication, adding a tangible dimension and reinforcing the idea of rediscovery and renewed observation, breaking traditional hierarchies.