ISBN: PB: 9788495951816

Bookport, MACBA

September 2005

350 pp.

21,6x18,0 cm



Art and Utopia

In 1970, Marcel Broodthaers claimed that Mallarma is the source of all contemporary art. Those words serve as a departure point for the exhibition and catalogue, Art and Utopia. Based on Marcel Broodthaers's interpretation of and Mallarma's influence on such seminal figures of modernity as Artaud and Apollinaire, this book reinterprets 20th century art, from Cubism to the historical avant-garde movements to the art of the 1970s, questioning the very idea of modernity. The information contained in this catalogue is highly varied—in addition to an essay by Jean-Francois Chevrier, the publication includes abundant documentary material, poetry, and other literary texts, as well as reproductions of the works from the exhibition.