ISBN: PB: 9783791387390

Prestel Publishing

April 2022

112 pp.

21x17 cm

55 colour illus.


Masters of Art


This brilliant introduction to Henri Matisse, one of the 20th century's most renowned artists, will help you discover the man, his art and his artistic legacy.

From his earliest pointillist-influenced paintings to his mature and playful paper cut-outs; from enormous, ebullient murals to reverent stained glass – Henri Matisse was renowned for his dramatic use of color and fluid draftsmanship. Thirty of Matisse's most beloved works are given close attention in this introduction that explores the varying tensions of the artist's oeuvre – his embrace of pure color, patterns, and texture; the languorous pleasures of the Cote d'Azur; displays of sensual pleasure; tranquil scenes of domestic life and monuments to religious life. An engaging biography takes readers through every phase of Matisse's career and reveals how his aversion to troubling or depressing subject matter was in direct opposition to the radical spirit of his work.

About the Author

Eckhard Hollmann is an art historian, editor, and book designer who has published numerous books about art. He lives and works in Munich.