ISBN: PB: 9781606066904

Getty Publications

June 2024

518 pp.

27,9x21,6 cm

468 colour illus., 80 charts, 15 diagrams



Guidelines for the Technical Examination of Bronze Sculpture

Since the fourth millennium BCE, bronze has been the preferred medium for some of the most prestigious and sacred works of art. But only through interdisciplinary research can the fabrication of these extraordinary objects be properly investigated, interpreted, and documented. This innovative publication bridges the expertise of myriad art-technological specialists to create a new framework for advancing the understanding of bronze sculpture. Essential reading for curators, conservators, scientists, archaeologists, sculptors, metallurgists, founders, dealers, collectors, and anyone interested in the life cycle of a bronze, this volume explains how to identify the evidence of process steps, metals used, casting defects, and surface work and alterations before moving on to address analytical techniques ranging from visual exams to imaging, material analyses, and dating. The guidelines are accompanied by detailed illustrations, including videos, charts, and animations; a robust vocabulary, ensuring precision across English, German, French, Italian, and Chinese; a diverse selection of case studies; and a comprehensive bibliography.

About the author

David Bourgarit is an archaeometallurgist at the Centre for Research and Restoration of the Museums of France.

Jane Bassett is senior conservator of decorative arts and sculpture at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Francesca Bewer is a research curator at the Harvard Art Museums.

Arlen Heginbotham is conservator of decorative arts at the J. Paul Getty Museum.

Andrew Lacey is an artist, archaeometallurgist, and independent scholar.

Peta Motture is senior curator of sculpture at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.