ISBN: HB: 9780300266870

Yale University Press

January 2023

368 pp.

30.4x22.8 cm

170 colour illus., 20 black&white illus.



Arts of the Ancient Americas at the Dallas Museum of Art

An illustrated compendium of artworks from the ancient Americas.

Including Indigenous works from the southwestern United States, Mesoamerica, the Isthmo-Colombian Area, and the Andes of South America, this book showcases more than 100 masterpieces of art from the ancient Americas. These are presented in historical, archaeological, and artistic context with new photography and scholarship. The publication considers ceramics, metalworks, stone carvings, and textiles from an array of America's earliest civilizations, including Ancestral Puebloan, Mexica, Olmec, Maya, Chavin, Inca, Moche, Wari, and more. Highlights include some exceptional rarities, including a Chavin crown with deity figures, a previously undefined style of four-panel Andean tunics, a Mixtec mosaic mask, a Maya lidded tetrapod bowl, and breathtaking gold jewelry from the Isthmo-Colombian Area.

About the Author

Michelle Rich is the Ellen and Harry S. Parker III Assistant Curator of the Indigenous American Art at the Dallas Museum of Art.