ISBN: HB: 9780300264548

Yale University Press

February 2023

408 pp.

23.4x15.5 cm

16 colour illus., 42 black&white illus.




A Journey through Science and Politics

A renowned scientist and environmental advocate looks back on a life that has straddled the worlds of science and politics.

Acclaimed as a public scientist and as a spokesperson on pressing environmental and equity issues, Paul R. Ehrlich reflects on his life, from his love affair with his wife Anne, to his scientific research, public advocacy, and concern for global issues. Interweaving the range of his experiences – as an airplane pilot; a desegregationist; a proud parent – Ehrlich's insights are priceless on pressing issues such as biodiversity loss, overpopulation, depletion of resources, and deterioration of the environment. A lifelong advocate for women's reproductive rights, Ehrlich also helped to debunk scientific bias associating skin color and intelligence and warned some fifty years ago about a possible pandemic and the likely ecological consequences of a nuclear war.

This book is a vital contribution to literature focused on the human predicament including problems of governance and democracy in the twenty-first century, and insight into the ecological and evolutionary science of our day. It is a must-read for anyone interested in understanding global change, our planet's wonders, and a scientific approach to the present existential threats to civilization.

About the Author

Paul R. Ehrlich is cofounder of the field of coevolution and a pioneer in alerting the public to the problems of overpopulation, depletion of natural resources, and deterioration of the environmental systems that support humanity. His previous books include "Humanity on a Tightrope: Thoughts on Empathy, Family, and Big Changes for a Viable Future", "The Dominant Animal: Human Evolution and the Environment", "Human Natures: Genes, Cultures, and the Human Prospect", and the best-selling "The Population Bomb". He lives in Palo Alto, California.