ISBN: PB: 9780300257700

Yale University Press, Mercatorfonds

June 2021

208 pp.

31.1x24 cm

150 colour and black&white illus.



Jacqueline de Jong

The Ultimate Kiss

Dutch avant-garde artist Jacqueline de Jong (b. 1939) is best known for her involvement in the Situationist International and for her lively, monumental paintings. Her varied, six-decade-long career has encompassed drawing, graphic design, sculpture, jewelry, printmaking, and books, as well as the magazine The Situationist Times, which she edited from 1962-1967. This volume features large-scale reproductions of her works, much of it newly photographed, allowing the reader to appreciate de Jong's keen attention to color and the values of opacity and transparency of paint. An international team of writers and curators offer a panoply of perspectives on the artist's remarkable work and long career.

About the Author

Devrim Bayar is curator at WIELS Contemporary Art Center, Belgium.

Juliette Desorgues is curator at MOSTYN, Wales, UK.

Alison M. Gingeras is a curator and writer based in New York and Warsaw. Xander Karskens is director of de Ateliers in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Annabelle Teneze is head curator and general director of the Abattoirs, Musee-FRAC Occitanie Toulouse.

Nina Weijers a writer based in Amsterdam.