ISBN: HB: 9780300225020

Yale University Press

February 2023

464 pp.

21.6x12.1 cm

60 colour illus., 40 black&white illus.


Isle of Man

Buildings of the Isle of Man

The first Pevsner volume to explore the Isle of Man's unique architectural inheritance.

The Isle of Man has had many incarnations – a land of Celtic monks, the realm of the Norse sea-kings, the petty kingdom of the Earls of Derby, a nest of Georgian smugglers, the retreat of genteel Regency debtors, a major destination for Edwardian North Country holidaymakers, and more recently a "financial centre". All have left their mark on its architecture, from early crosses and medieval castles to the domestic architecture of M. H. Baillie Scott via thatched cottages, yeomen's farmhouses, and promenades of stuccoed hotels. This unique inheritance has never hitherto been given its due either on or off the island. Drawing on much original research, set out in the usual Pevsner gazetteer format, this volume aims to rectify that.

About the Author

Jonathan Kewley works for Historic England as an architectural historian and is the former editor of the journal of the Isle of Man Natural History and Antiquarian Society.